Born on Wednesday 20th Octobre 1965, in Muri Aargau, Switzerland
The second of three girls.
Growing up with little pressure and a lot of parental interest in their kids artistic development, the Family home was a place of handcrafts of all sorts.
To paint & draw, to sew or pin together costumes, to tinker with wood and other materials, to stage Plays and Circus-shows in the old, deserted Pig-farm nearby or just to run wild in the country side was normal pastime. 
A big trunk of carnival costumes and dresses, hand-me downs from Granny, fabrics & old curtains provided a wonderful stock for the girls and their friends to dress up and fitting out their plays.

When in 1974 an adaptation of Schillers "Willhelm Tell" was staged in her class in Primary School, Jacqueline asked to be in charge of costumes, and voilà got herself her first Job in Costume.


1972-1981 Primary & Secundary School in Muri AG
1981-1983 DMS- College for Further Education in Zug
 Diploma Projekt: Super 8 -Short Film "Die Puppe"
1983-1985 Learning the French language in Fribourg
while working as a waitress in the Hotel Duc Bertold
1985-1989 Vocational College in Wohlen, Diploma in Couture
1990-1991 SFF- Swiss Womans College of higher Education, now Modeco in Zürich
Diploma in Theater-couture, Patern-drafting and Toile-making of Historic Costumes & Costume History
1994 moving to Dublin Ireland
1995 attending the Cambridge English Proficiency Cours at University College Dublin, IE
1996 Westdean College, Chichester, UK.
Courses in19th Century Dress-making, Hat-making and Needle-work, by Jean Hunnisett and Jane Adey
1997 Ardmore Film Studios,Bray , IE
Courses in Corset-making, Paterns and Toiles by Jean Hunnisett
2000 Costume Society of England Symposium in Bangor, Northern Ireland
Lectures on Costumes and Emigration in the 19th Century
2000 moving back to Zürich Switzerland
2001 Costume Society of England Symposium in Oxford, UK
Lectures on the Influence of Orientalism and Exotism in Western Costume
2003 Costume Society of England Symposium in Bath, UK
Lectures on Costume & Fashion while taking the Waters in 1770 Bath
2005 Costume Society of England Symposium in Leeds, UK
Lectures on Corset-manufacturers in the18th & 19th Century
2005 University of Leeds , UK
Course in Corset-making by Ian Chipperfield the Stay maker